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.Kiddlyn Kattery was established in 1974.  No, I am not a little, old gray-haired lady.  I just knew from a very early age that I loved all kinds of animals and wanted to work with them, particularly cats.  People often ask what "Kiddlyn" means.  It's one of those very simple cattery names that is a combination of two names--very simply, I called him Kidd, and he called me Lyn.  Corny, but true.

Kiddlyn started in 1974 with three Persians.  After a few years, it became apparent that breeding Persians was a lot more difficult than anyone could have told me.  I then tried my hand at Maine Coons, which I successfully bred and placed for several years.  I never went to a cat show.  I was convinced that they were silly and demeaning to cats.  The truth was that I didn't know how to do cat shows and didn't want to be embarrassed.

In 1985, I moved from Pennsylvania to California as part the Gulf Oil Corporation's merger with Chevron Corporation.  At that time,I was unable to find a place to live in California that would allow pets.  I was forced to place my Maine Coons, and went to California facing the prospect of being "catless" until I could afford to buy a home.

I didn't last long.  Within two months, I had contacted a breeder in Canada, Barbara Belanger (Grenouille) and Belle Nau  in California (Furrfayar) looking for a pair of mi-ke kittens to begin my breeding program.  Shortly thereafter, I purchased my two best breeding males, one from Belle Nau and the other from Janet Bassetti in New Jersey.

 With the help and mentoring of Belle Nau, I went to my  first cat show and found out how fun they could be, for me and for the cats.  I learned the importance of showing for improvement of the breed and education of cat fanciers and pet owners.  Cat showing has become one of my passions in life.

I retired from Chevron Corporation in 2003 where I worked as an IT Manager for HR Systems for 29 years and now live in Elizabeth, CO.  Cat breeding and showing is not a business for me, since I have never made a profit in 26 years.  It's really about loving the breed, wanting to nurture babies, understanding the genetics, physiology and temperaments of cats, bringing joy into other peoples' lives and experiencing the art of creating a look, a line, a distinction within a breed--a breed that is already pretty close to perfect! 

 This is who I am and why this Kattery and this webpage exists. Please feel free to look around and enjoy the photos and information.  One of the best things about being a cat breeder is all the wonderful people you meet and get to know along the way.  Some of my best friends, including my husband, wouldn't be in my life without the cats.  I am always available to answer any questions you may have about this breed or cats in general. 

Linda Donaldson

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