Seller guarantees this kitten, a (description), (gender) born 00/00/00 out of Name of Sire and Name of Dam to be in good health on date of delivery. This kitten will have received the following immunizations against Feline Rhinotracheitis, Calici, and Panleukopenia:

1) Date:   00/00/00   Age: 9 weeks FVR-CP (modified live with killed panleukopenia)
2) Date:   00/00/00  Age: 12+ weeks FVR-CP (modified live with killed panleukopenia)

He/She will be due for his/her annual booster 00/00/00. To the best of Seller's knowledge, this cat is free of worms, fleas, ear mites, any other internal or external parasites. This kitten is guaranteed to be Fel-V and FIV negative. If this cat should show signs of any life-threatening genetic defect or chronic health problem up to the age of one year, or should die of a genetic defect, he/she will be replaced.  Cats will be replaced only with a signed statement from a licensed Veterinarian stating the problem and prognosis or with a post-mortem report in the case of death.

   X   Buyer reserves the right to have this kitten examined by his/her veterinarian within 14 days of receipt. If Buyer is not satisfied with him/her for any reason (health or personality), Seller will be notified immediately. The kitten can be returned to Seller within 14 days for a full refund. Seller will pay return shipping costs or will make arrangements to have the kitten picked up at a future cat show within reasonable driving distance of Buyer. Seller will not assume liability for the cost of veterinary examinations, diagnostic work or treatment.

  X   In Seller’s opinion, this cat is (pet or show) quality. This means that he/she has no disqualifiable characteristics, meets the CFA standard for a Japanese Bobtail and should be able to attain the status of Grand Premier in CFA competition. This is the Seller's opinion and in no way constitutes a guarantee, since many factors (such as grooming, condition and personality) can affect a cat's success in competition.  To ensure the best success in competition, JBT's should be shown several times as kittens. (4-8 months of age).  Buyer is making (no) commitment to show this kitten or Buyer is making a commitment to show this kitten  _____ times as a kitten and _______ times as an adult.


  X    This cat will be provided adequate facilities for exercise and will not be permitted to roam outdoors.

  X     Buyer agrees to accept complete responsibility for this animal's health and well being and agrees that she will not be declawed.

  X      This kitten is being sold as a pet on a neuter/spay agreement.  Buyer agrees to neuter/spay him/her no later than ___ months of age.  HisHer pedigree is being provided at this time.  His/her registration slip will be released to Buyer upon payment in full.

  X      Buyer is not purchasing breeding rights on this animal and the registration slip will not include a pin number.  Buyer agrees that this cat will not be sold, leased, given or transferred to any other person as a whole cat without the express written permission of Seller.

  X    If Buyer wishes to use this cat for breeding, an additional $700 will be due to Seller for breeding rights.  This represents the difference between pet and breeder price.  Conditions of the purchase of this kitten for breeding purposes would be outlined in a separate contract. If Buyer purchases breeding rights, no offspring produced by this cat during its breeding career may be sold, given or leased as whole breeding cats without the express written permission of Seller.

Transfer of Ownership – If, after the 14-day acceptance period has passed, Buyer is unable to or does not wish to keep/maintain this cat, Seller will receive first option to take him/her back into ownership accompanied by his/her appropriate registration papers.  Buyer will be compensated for the cat based upon its value and price at the time of placement with a new owner, for an amount not to exceed the original purchase price, minus costs associated with re-homing it.  Under no circumstances will this animal be placed in a pet shop, animal shelter or research facility.

      Buyer further agrees that if he fails to fulfill, chooses to disregard or refuses to comply with all terms of this agreement the Seller will have the right to reclaim this cat with no remuneration to Buyer. If a dispute over this contract were to go to court it would be tried in Colorado, (Elbert County) under Colorado law, and the party found in breach of contract will pay all court costs.

       Buyer agrees to surrender this cat and his progeny to Seller upon demand (with no remuneration) if she fails to fulfill, chooses to disregard or refuses to comply with all terms of this agreement. In addition, any violation of this contract shall entitle Seller to $2500 in punitive damages.  The terms of this contract shall be binding with the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA).  Buyer agrees that this contract can be utilized by CFA as the legal instrument to take actions regarding registration or to enforce the terms of this contract. Disputes over this contract will be tried in Colorado (Elbert County), under Colorado law, and the party found in breach of contract will pay all court costs. ____    ____(Initial)

PRICE:    $________            Shipping:  $_____________    Shipping Arrangements:____________________


_____   A $150 non-refundable deposit is required to hold this kitten.  If Buyer decides not to take this kitten, the amount can be applied to the purchase of any other kittens.

      Personal check guaranteed with a credit card number due upon receipt of kitten.

      Full Payment made on ______________      PayPal____________________

MC_______________________________  VISA _________________________Exp



 Full payment for kitten is due upon receipt.

We understand and agree to the above terms and conditions,

Signature of Seller:_________________________________Date________________

Signature of Buyer______                __________________  Date________________

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Address     434 S Pine Ridge Drive
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Phone      (303) 325-5033/720-320-7060


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