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        GC Kiddlyn's Niji                                       GC Kiddlyn's Pastel Lace

GC, RW Kiddlyn's Smoky Quartz ~ (first Tortoiseshell Smoke Longhaired JBT) 
Smoky was 3rd Best of Breed in CFA for 2013 and is 2nd Best of Breed in CFA 
for 2014 and 22nd Best Cat in CFA's Gulfshore Region.

 GC, RW Kiddlyn's Gintama, aka "Tommy" ~ 23rd Best Cat in CFA's Gulfshore Region (2014)
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Japanese Bobtails are a natural breed that originated in Japan about 1100 years ago. Bobtails come in shorthaired and longhaired varieties and most colors and patterns, including solid colors, tabbies and white, mi-kes (tri-colored or calico), dilutes, silver tabbies and smokes.  Japanese Bobtails with odd or blue eyes are particularly rare and highly desirable. Linda Donaldson is a Japanese Bobtail breeder in Colorado who specializes in uniquely-colored Japanese Bobtails with odd and blue eyes and outstanding personalities. 
Linda Donaldson has been breeding Japanese Bobtails since 1985 and has produced over 100 CFA Grand Champions and many CFA award winners. Kiddlyn Kattery was established by Linda Donaldson in 1974 and is a CFA Cattery of Excellence. If you are looking for a kitten, consider www.japanesebobtails.com/breeders.html for a breeder referral in your area.  Linda Donaldson is a reputable Japanese Bobtail breeder who guarantees the health and personality of the kittens she places. JBT kittens, young adults and retired show  cats are available at www.kiddlyn.com/avail.html.  Linda Donaldson is the most experienced breeder of Japanese Bobtails currently breeding in the US. 

Bobtails are affectionate and extremely intelligent. Japanese Bobtails love to play a good game of fetch. They love to talk and adapt well to other animals. Japanese Bobtails are a hardy breed and there are no genetic defects associated with their short tails.